We help you build strong relationships
based on shared values.

Our Philosophy

Philanthropy can’t happen without relationships. That is why we believe successful relationships are essential to your potential as an organization. Our passion is building relationships, plans, and systems for sustainability. Our strategy and expertise will bring cohesiveness to your organization so you can confidently enter into relationships with those who share a passion for your cause.

We empower you to discover your true potential through organizational development and strategic philanthropic consulting services. From developing a fundraising strategy – to strategic planning – to training your board and leadership team – to building lasting and personal relationships with your donors, we are here to help.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission: Through authentic relationships, we synergize people to realize their God-given potential to transform the world.

Our Vision: People are unleashing God’s love to transform the world.

Our Core Values

We are all stewards of God’s resources, talents and gifts. We diligently focus on seven core values that reflect our culture and our relationships.

  • Excellence
  • Passion
  • Servanthood
  • Heritage
  • Humility
  • Integrity
  • Faith

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