Mark Weaver

Mark Weaver works as a Senior Planned Giving Associate with JDLevy & Associates. For the past 28 years, Mark’s practice concentration has been charitable and estate planning, using [...]

Deirdre Kelley

Deirdre Kelley works in philanthropic impact and sustainability with JDLevy & Associates.  She loves the challenges of telling a vibrant, personal story from data, turning information into [...]

Kim Jackson

Kim Jackson is a Culture Associate with JDLevy and Associates. She joined JDLA in 2019 with a passion to pray with and intercede for JDLA team and clients. Kim’s focus is to inspire and motivate [...]

Bobbi Barber

Bobbi Barber is a Cultural Associate for JDLevy and Associates. Bobbi’s primary focus is to connect with clients and associates through creative personal written expression. These prayerful [...]

Jacinta Wuerth

Jacinta Wuerth is Philanthropic Culture Officer Emeritus for JDLevy & Associates. Jacinta focuses on ensuring that the culture, core values, and team are in complete alignment to JDLA’s [...]

Helen Tygret

Helen Tygret is the Director of Philanthropic Impact for JDLevy & Associates. Helen’s primary focus is helping clients define what they do best, plan effective programs, measure progress, and [...]

Wes Terry

Wes provides financial and operational support for all areas of JDLevy & Associates.  Wes began his career in the audit realm of public accounting for BKD, LLP in Indianapolis for 3 years.  [...]

Mandy Scherer

Mandy Scherer is the Director of Philanthropic Sustainability for JDLevy & Associates. Mandy’s primary focus is on philanthropic sustainability projects and coaching, board development [...]

John Siebert

John is the owner of Siebert Consulting. He has a keen interest and significant achievement in strategic/ business plan development, organizational development, capacity building, [...]

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